CSFL Rules -- 2013 Season


1. Schedule


Each league member shall be limited to seven (7) formal games. As an exception, an annual alumni game may be played and not counted against this maximum number. Only designated games against League opponents will be used to determine the league standings and championship.


2. Practice Sessions


Organized practice sessions (there may be two in one day) will be limited in number with no more than 16 prior to the first scheduled game in September between any two league opponents. Games against a non-CSFL team will count as a game but not a practice.


a.  The first three (3) days will be conditioning (non-contact) workouts, and are included in the sixteen practice sessions.

b.  Organized practice sessions are any workout conducted with coaches present.

c.  Formal alumni games, shall not count in the practice limit.

d.  No spring practice is permitted, except for Princeton and Franklin Pierce, which are permitted 5 days, without any equipment, due to concerns about their roster size. This will be reviewed on an annual basis.


All League members will submit to the League Commissioner on the last day of preseason a practice schedule detailing the practice sessions allotted.


The last day of preseason is:   Sept 12, 2013


3. Eligibility


Any full time undergraduate student of the respective League institution is permitted to play. Students must meet NCAA eligibility as it pertains to normal progress. Off-campus recruiting is not permitted.


4. Officials


Each game shall have seven (7) officials. They shall be appointed by the Eastern College Athletic Conference or Jim Maconaghy.


5. Weigh-In of Players


With a sincere concern for the health and welfare of the student-athletes participating in Sprint Football, each player will be examined by a physician or sports medicine staff member prior to the season to ensure the safety and appropriateness of that individual participating in Sprint Football at the specified weight limit.


CSFL Weight certification procedures:


a.  No student athlete may begin official practice including drills or other football related activities (with or without equipment) until they have demonstrated one the following: Note: all scales must have been certified by the local weights and measurements department within the previous calendar year.


i.  A body weight of 165 lbs or less, or


ii.  A body weight of 177.0 lbs. or less while simultaneously (within ˝ hour) having body fat of 5% or greater and urine specific gravity less than or equal to 1.020.  The student athlete will be permitted to achieve this standard as many times as they like, but will be withheld from all practice activities until achieving the standard.


Note: First year players (players who have never participated in Sprint Football) are exempted from this requirement in an attempt to allow newcomers the opportunity to adjust their body weight. Any athlete previously on a roster, at any time, must meet the 177.0 lb practice standard.


iii.  A list of all practice players must be submitted on the last day of pre-season to the League Commissioner on a standard form provided by the League and must include name of player, year in school, urine specific gravity, % body fat, body weight and must be signed by the coach and sports medicine staff.


b.   No student athlete may compete in any contest involving another Sprint team until they have demonstrated the following on either the first or second weigh-in of a particular week:  a body weight of 172.0 lbs. or less while simultaneously (within ˝ hour) having body fat of 5% or greater and urine specific gravity less than or equal to 1.020.


c.  In subsequent weeks after achieving the 172.0 lb hydrated weight standard, student athletes will be required to weigh 172.0 lbs or less on Monday and Wednesday, before a Friday contest (Tuesday/Thursday before a Saturday contest, etc.) each week of the season in which they have a game. The one exception to this rule is if a school plays a Sunday game which is followed the next week with a Friday game, they would only have to weigh-in on Wednesday before that Friday game. Body fat and hydration measures are not required for the weekly weight certification once the hydrated standard has been achieved at the172 lb level.  Failure to achieve this weight on either date will result in the student athlete being withheld from competition in that week's contest.


d.  Coaches must ensure that unsafe weight loss practices such as the use of saunas, rubber suits, diuretics, etc. are prohibited.


e.  All weight certifications must be conducted by members of the athletic medicine staff or by an administrator with responsibility for the sport at the respective institution, and not members of the coaching staff.  Every form submitted should be signed by the institution's supervising official and the head coach. The supervising official may not be a coach.


Medical staffs at the individual institution will provide the necessary guidance in accordance with their own best practices about how a student athlete who does not certify at the required weight should achieve the standard. 


A detailed weight certification sheet must be submitted to the opposing coach on a standard form provided by the League and prior to the start of each game. This same form must be submitted to the League by the end of the week following the game.


The detailed weigh-in sheet will include, for all players:  name, number, position(s), year in school and the exact weight for both weigh-ins for that game.


6. Physicians


It shall be the responsibility of the home team to have a qualified physician in attendance 15 minutes before, during and available after the game.


7. Length of Games


All games shall be four (4) periods of 15 minutes each.


8. NCAA Football Rules


The NCAA rules shall be in effect.


9. Coaching Staff Size


Maximum = One (1) Head Coach and Seven (7) Assistants. A "coach" for this rule is defined by NCAA Bylaw 11.7.


10. Game Uniforms


Visiting teams will wear light colored or white jerseys, and home teams will wear dark jerseys.


11. Squad Size/Number of Players in Uniform at Games


During each year's season, there is a maximum squad size of sixty-five (65) players  (including varsity, junior varsity and freshmen) who are eligible to practice, compete or participate with the program in any manner.


All League members will submit an official roster with a maximum 65 players to the League Commissioner by September 12, 2013. The official roster:


1.  Will detail the jersey number, player name, and year in school

2.  Will include all players participating in any team activities.

3.  Additions to the official roster will not be allowed after the roster submission on the last day of preseason except:


a.  A team that did not have 65 players participating at the time of roster submission may add players, up to a total of 65 players, only with notifications of and approval from the League commissioner.

b.  Any unusual situation which will require approval from the League Commissioner.


12. Coaches Game Restrictions


All coaches must remain on the field in the coaching area during the conduct of the game. No phones are permitted for use.


13. Bands at Games


Teams having bands at games are responsible for their conduct. The band should not play while the game is in progress and should concentrate their efforts during time outs and both the pre- or post-game periods. Home teams remain responsible for the proper conduct of their bands even if game officials are reluctant to take action.


14. League Champion


The championship will be decided on a point basis. For the designated League games each victory will count as two points.


15. Reporting Statistics and Game Scores


As soon after the game as possible, but not later than the following Monday morning, members are responsible for sending in statistics and scores of games to Mr. Ed Benkin at sports2all@comcast.net.  Mr. Benkin's telephone number is 609-239-9187. The specific reporting form to be used will be coordinated by Mr. Benkin and should be submitted according to his specifications.


16. Scouting and Film Exchange


All game film will be distributed weekly to all schools via HUDL. No on-site scouting is permitted at any time. Film must be of a complete game, include all plays, be sideline wide and end zone tight, and include a visible score at least each quarter. All film will be sent by noon Saturday following a Friday game and 10 am Sunday following a Saturday game.


17. Coordinating Arrival of Visiting Team


The home team coach is responsible for coordinating the arrival and stay of the visiting team. The visiting coach is responsible for calling the home team coach the week of the scheduled game. This assistance should include such considerations as arranging for locker rooms, on-campus meals, housing, practice fields, etc. The head coach (or his designee) should personally check on everything before arrival, and meet the visitor's bus at a predetermined time and place. All student-athletes deserve our best efforts in this matter of sportsmanship.


18. 40/25-Second Clocks


It is recommended that the home team provide two (2) 40/25-second clocks and an official 40/25-second clock operator for all games. If possible, clock operators should be certified.


19. Dues


All teams are assessed dues of $1750.00 annually for the services of the Commissioner, Sports Information Office, purchasing of awards, and conduct of other League business.


20. All-League Awards


Each institution may nominate for both the 1st and 2nd All-League Offensive and Defensive Teams according to the place finish and the following formula: 1st place = 15 nominations; 2nd place = 14 nominations; 3rd place = 13 nominations; 4th place = 12 nominations; 5th place = 11 nominations, 6th place = 10 nominations, 7th place = 9 nominations, 8th place = 7 nominations. Head coaches will have one vote for the individuals by position. Head coaches will have one vote for the league Most Valuable Player (the James Kay Award). Head coaches should submit a list of the players on their team that they consider deserving of selection to honorable mention all league. Special Teams player and All-Purpose player (one player each) will be selected when appropriate, and they will be in addition to the nominations listed above.


21. Annual Meeting


The annual coaches meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at 12 noon, after the completion of the league schedule. If required, a second meeting may be held in the spring.


22. League Commissioner


The position of Commissioner will be reviewed on a yearly basis. If possible, it would be most equitable to rotate the responsibilities every two (2) years among the athletic staffs of the member institutions.


23. In the event admission to a game is charged the home team will provide complimentary tickets for each member of the visiting team listed on their opening season roster and two tickets for each member of the coaching staff. NCAA rules for complimentary admissions will be followed.



Revised: 11/14/2012