CSFL Postseason Honors

December 1, 2015


2015 All-CSFL Team


Army West Point defensive lineman Philip Choi and Penn quarterback Mike McCurdy were named co-Most Valuable Players for the 2015 Collegiate Sprint Football League when the annual All-Conference honors were announced Dec. 1.


The All-CSFL teams, linked above and listed below, are voted on by the league's head coaches. This year's coaches voted Choi and McCurdy to a tie for the top honor in the league after both had outstanding seasons on opposite sides of the ball.


Choi led the league's best defense with 11.5 sacks and 15.0 tackles for loss. He finished with 37 total tackles, one fumble recovery and one blocked kick to help Army West Point to an undefeated season in which the defense allowed only 36 points in seven games.


McCurdy finished the year with the most passing and total offensive yards in the league. He completed a league-high 54 percent of his passes for 1,513 yards with 13 touchdowns. The next highest passing total in the league was 1,146. McCurdy also rushed for 107 yards and seven touchdowns and finished the year averaging 231.4 yards of total offense per game. He helped Penn to an average of 33.1 points per game.


Seven schools had at least one player named to first team honors, while all nine schools are represented on the All-CSFL team. Because Chestnut Hill was playing in its inaugural year, all players selected were named to Honorable Mention honors.



QB    Mike McCurdy    Penn
RB    Marqus Burrell    Army West Point
RB    Aren Harris    Mansfield
RB    Max Jones    Penn
WR    Matthew Hite    Navy
WR    Henry Mason    Penn
WR    Jay’Len Mahan    Post
TE    Joe Bucek    Mansfield
OL    Lucas Fazzari    Army West Point
OL    Dan Alexander    Cornell
OL    Franco Pizzarella    Franklin Pierce
OL    Donnie Kneisel    Penn
OL    Anthony Lucia    Post
PK    Warren Kay    Army West Point
KR    Jay’Len Mahan    Post
PR    Richard Robinson    Mansfield


QB    Nick Deterding    Navy
RB    Kevin Nathanson    Cornell
RB    Ben Herrera    Cornell
RB    Eric Wellmon    Navy
WR    Austin Breed    Army West Point
WR    Kevin O’Brien    Army West Point
WR    Trevor Marrero    Cornell
WR    Tyler Kaye    Princeton
TE    Michael Holdridge    Franklin Pierce
OL    Kenny McClain    Army West Point
OL    Caleb Minsky    Cornell
OL    Christopher Bogardus    Franklin Pierce
OL    Steven Sicilia    Mansfield
OL    Ross Gilchrest    Navy
OL    Mark Nowicki    Princeton
PK    Kyle Salucco    Franklin Pierce
KR    Richard Robinson    Mansfield
PR    Corey Garcia    Navy


QB    Rob Pannullo    Cornell
QB    Chad Cowden    Princeton
RB    Dasantae Callis    Chestnut Hill
TE    Ty Galyean    Army West Point
TE    Rocco Guerrera    Post
WR    Raevon Floyd Bennett    Chestnut Hill
WR    Domoree Hill    Chestnut Hill
OL    Kevin Meredith    Chestnut Hill
OL    Kevin Clancy    Chestnut Hill
PK    Brett Deters    Navy
KR/PR    Dan Gilmore    Navy
PR    Jack Barnett    Army West Point


DB    Tanner Andrews    Army West Point
DB    Brandon Knight    Franklin Pierce
DB    Kyle Post    Mansfield
DB    Kendall Mackey    Navy
DB    Stu Helgeson    Penn
LB    Matthew Tamburri    Army West Point
LB    Collin Ascherl    Navy
LB    James Juliano    Penn
LB    Chris Leggio    Post
DL    Philip Choi    Army West Point
DL    Evan Zittel    Cornell
DL    Josh Tilton    Franklin Pierce
DL    Alex Nicholas    Mansfield
DL    Hardy Davis    Navy
DL    Derek Shnider    Penn
P    Mark Dabeck    Army West Point
P    Derek Reddy    Franklin Pierce


DB    Jack Barnett    Army West Point
DB    Ryan Jackson    Cornell
DB    Richard Robinson    Mansfield
DB    Rob D’Orio    Penn
DB    Eleodoro Perez    Post
DB    Nick Barnett    Princeton
LB    Chris D’Ambrosio    Cornell
LB    James Willette    Franklin Pierce
LB    Josh Castro    Franklin Pierce
LB    Spencer Underdown    Mansfield
DL    Arran Rounds    Army West Point
DL    Evan Ruggles    Mansfield
DL    Sam Smallzman    Penn
DL    Marcus Jones    Penn
P    Sean Green    Mansfield
P    Jules Murphy    Navy


DB    Rene Diaz    Cornell
DB    Karon Hair    Franklin Pierce
DB    Connor Rogowsky    Franklin Pierce
DB    Dan Gilmore    Navy
DB    Devin Graves    Navy
DB    Patrick McMahan    Navy
DB    T.J. Piland    Post
DB    Ian Lawrie    Princeton
LB    Ryan Gallagher    Army West Point
LB    Nathan Lopez    Army West Point
LB    Jino Park    Cornell
LB    Josh Capwell    Mansfield
LB    Chris Colavita    Penn
LB    Quinn Karam    Penn
LB    Mulay Sarbanes    Princeton
LB    Kris Garris    Princeton
LB    Jon Baldwin    Chestnut Hill
DL    Curtis Jerzerick    Army West Point
DL    Marquis White    Navy
DL    Temple Sloan    Navy
DL    Blake Papet    Navy
DL    Hunter Heflin    Penn
DL    Spencer Haldeman    Princeton
DL    Brian Layden    Chestnut Hill





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